Educational Materials: Introduction to Nanomaterials

Please watch the following clips if you want to learn more about nanomaterials – materials that are on the scale of 1 – 100 nm (one-billionth of a meter, or about 1/50,000th of a human hair). The clips and presentations were created by students taking Prof. Ma’s course on Applied Nanomaterials (Spring 2012).

  • Synthesis

  • Characterization

  • Processing

  • Application

  • Environmental, health, and safety issues

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Part-time Research Opportunities for Undergraduate and High School Students

We are currently offering two research projects for undergraduate or high school students:

  • Using nanoparticle-stabilized CO2 foams for enhanced oil recovery
  • Understanding the microstructure of UConn ice cream (also offered via the UConn Mentor Connection program) (pdf) Ice Cream UConn

Middle and High School Teachers

As part of our continuing outreach efforts, we would like to assist middle and high school teachers to incorporate latest research developments into their classroom teaching.

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Ma directly and check out the following websites:

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