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The common theme of the research group, Complex Fluids Laboratory, is to understand the complex flow behavior of fluids. We are particularly interested in foams, emulsions, biological fluids, and fluids containing nanoparticles. The ultimate goal is to develop novel, scalable techniques for processing complex fluids into multifunctional, high performance articles.


  • 8/4/2017 - Congratulate Erik on successfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • 6/12/2017 - Congratulate Sahil on successfully defending his PhD thesis.
  • 9/4/2016 - Congratulate Erik on publishing in Biophysical Journal - "Direct Tracking of Particles and Quantification of Margination in Blood Flow".
  • 7/28/2016 - Congratulate Alan and Sahil on being named inaugural Anton Paar Fellows. Link 1 & Link 2.
  • 7/28/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma and group partners with Anton Paar on developing the next-generation rheometers. Link 1 & Link2.
  • 7/13/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma and colleagues receive UConn Academic Plan Grant ($300,000) to develop a custom-built inkjet printing platform for electronics manufacturing. Link .
  • 6/24/2016 - Congratulate Yang on publishing in Rapid Prototyping Journal - "Inkjet and Inkjet-based 3D Printing: Connecting Fluid Properties and Printing Performance".
  • 3/2/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma receives Non-tenured Faculty Award from 3M. Link
  • 2/11/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma represents UConn to serve on the Technical Council of NextFlex - national flexible electronics manufacturing institute. Link
  • 2/11/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma and Sahil Vora publish a book chapter on "Understanding the phase behavior, rheology and processing of carbon nanotube suspensions" in Carbon Nanotechnology by One Central Press. Link
  • 1/13/2016 - Congratulate Sahil on winning a GE fellowship.
  • 1/6/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma and colleagues publish in Macromolecules - "Relationship of extensional viscosity and liquid crystalline transition to length distribution in carbon nanotube solutions.". Link
  • 1/5/2016 - Prof. Anson Ma and team publish in Review of Scientific Instruments - "Controlling system components with a sound card: A versatile inkjet fluid testing platform". Link
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Funding Support (Since Fall 2011)

Total: $3.62M as PI, co-PI, or named investigator with major participation. Research: $1.54M; Instrument: $818,398; Education: $1.26M


Institute of Materials Science, Rm 210 (Office) ; Rm 211 (Laboratory)
University of Connecticut, 97 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3136,
Storrs, CT 06269-3136

phone : 860-486-4630

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